The list of Frequently Asked Questions will answer most of your questions about our services. We can alos go into more detail during our initial meet and greet.

If you have any questions we haven’t addressed, please feel free to contact us.

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer pet sitting, dog walking, exotic pet care, house sitting and overnight stays in your home. Services can be customized to fit your pet’s needs.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We provide service to all of Boulder County, including Boulder, Longmont, Niwot, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior and Erie.

We provide service to some mountain areas, 3 miles West of Broadway Street.

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash, check and credit card payments through Square.

Do You Charge Per Pet?

No! We charge by time. Our services are 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour visits. Whether you have one pet or a zoo, we can provide customized services to suit you.

What Is Included In Your Visits?

All visits include food, fresh water, medications if necessary, a walk, potty break or playtime and of course lots of TLC! We also pick up mail and packages, water plants, trash and a general house check.

What Is The Initial "Meet And Greet" For?

The “Meet and Greet” allows us to meet you and the pets and go over all the routines. It gives us a feel if we would be a good fit for each other and how the pets will interact with us. We go over feeding and exercise routines, medication instructions and other pertinent care information.

We would have you fill out paperwork – a service agreement and veterinary release form, collect 2 keys and a deposit for services. We are happy to answer any questions you may have as well!

Do You Board Pets At Your Home?

No, we do not board pets at our home. If this type of service is needed, we can recommend several excellent licensed boarding facilities.

What Do You Do With My House Key?

Your key is tagged with the pets names and a barcode key tag. When visits are in progress, the key will be kept with the pet sitter. For keys kept on file, they are stored in a lock box. The barcode allows us to check out keys to sitters and have them checked back into the office.

Do You Have Experience Giving Medication To Pets? Do You Charge Extra?

Yes we have extensive experience giving pills, liquid, transdermal and sub-cutaneous (sub-Q) fluids to pets.

We do not charge extra for giving medications and supplements.

Do You Take Care Of Outdoor Pets?

We do take care of outdoor pets on a case by case basis. All pets must have up to date identification and a secure fenced area.

Outdoor pets pose an additional liability risk and you would agree not to hold us responsible.

What Animals Do You Provide Care For?

We provide care for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and “pocket pets”. We will care for backyard chickens and goats. We do not provide care for livestock or farm animals.

Do You Have An Emergency Plan In Case Of Illness or Inclement Weather?

Yes! Our team serves as back up for each other in case of emergency, and we network closely with other professional pet sitters in the area.

In the case of a natural disaster, road closures or inclement weather, we will do our very best to accommodate your visits as planned. We may leave out extra food or water if we have ample warning of such an issue. We have you list 2 emergency contacts with house access that could take over pet care in case we are not able to access your location.

We have specialized training in disaster preparedness for pets and have experience evacuating pets in an emergency.

What If My Pet Requires Veterinary Treatment?

If your pet is in a life threatening emergency, we will not hesitate to seek immediate treatment. You will always be contacted first and if we cannot get a hold of you, we will contact your emergency contacts.

We recommend that you have a credit card on file with your veterinarian.
Our veterinary release form allows us to treat and transport pets in case of emergency. You can list a treatment limit amount.

Do You Charge Extra For Holidays?

Yes. As we are taking time out of our own lives to care for your pets, there is a $5.00 per visit surcharge and a $10.00 overnight surcharge on the following days: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

Do You Walk Dogs Off Leash Or In A Group?

No, for liability reasons we do not do off leash or park visits. We only walk dogs of the same family together.

Do You Accept Tips?

Yes! We pride ourselves on excellent service. If you feel that your sitter has gone above and beyond, tips are always appreciated.

What Is Your Mailing Address?

Dogma Catma Pet Sitting, LLC
1750 30th Street
Suite 1 PMB 199
Boulder, CO 80301

Who Will Be Taking Care Of My Pets?

“Meet and Greets” will be carried out by Jordan and Ed, and the pet sitter available for your pets. While we strive to maintain consistency, we cannot guarantee the same pet sitter every time.

Once you have established service, we can let you know who will be assigned to the visits. All pertinent pet information is set up in our pet sitting software and we will walk the sitter through a visit and turn over keys.

All of our pet sitters are insured, bonded, background checked and trained in pet first aid and CPR.

Do You Require That Pets Be Vaccinated?

Colorado law maintains that dogs, cats and ferrets be up to date with Rabies vaccinations and have current proof of vaccination. We only require proof of Rabies vaccinations for pet sitting service. Titer tests will be accepted.

How Much Notice Do You Need For Service?

Please let us know as far in advance as possible so we can get you on the schedule. We can occasionally accommodate last minute visits. If you are a new client, a “meet and greet” will need to be set up prior to service.

Our general booking guidelines are as follows:

  • For visits once a day, 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • For visits several times a day, 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • For overnights, 1-2 months in advance.
  • For Summer weekends and holidays, 1 month in advance.
  • For Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years, 3-4 months in advance

Do You Do Every Other Day Visits For Cats?

No we do not. As a professional pet sitting service trained in pet first aid and CPR we know that cats can get into trouble and it can become serious within a short amount of time. Instances such as closing themselves into an area, tipping over a water bowl, or in the case of male cats, getting urinary blockages can lead to a very seriously ill kitty withing a short period of time. As we are responsible for your pets health and well being, our policy is that cats must be visited at least every 24 hours.

Do You Service Mountain Areas?

We provide service to homes 3 miles West of Broadway Street.

What Is A Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS)?

Pet Sitters International developed the CPPS program as a continuing education course specifically designed for pet sitters. Course topics include pet care, health and nutrition, additional services and business and office procedures.

CPPS is valid for 3 years. To re-certify, pet sitters earn credits by enrolling in continuing education courses, seminars and conferences in all aspects of animal care and business practices.

My Friend/Neighbor/Family Member Will Be Helping Out, Is That OK?

As a professional pet sitting service, we maintain that your pets health and well being are our responsibility and liability. For this reason, we cannot “job share” or allow others to share in pet sitting duties.

We will share responsibilities with another insured and bonded professional pet sitter.