Exotic Pet Care

pet rats
Looking for a pet sitter for more than just your furry friends? We have extensive experience caring for birds, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, fish and amphibians! Cage pet care includes food and fresh water, light/temperature/humidity check, cage cleaning as well as household duties. This is ideal for reptiles, amphibians, “pocket pets” (mice, hamsters, etc.) and aquariums. These visits are typically 15-20 minutes in length.

For the more sociable pets, we suggest scheduling a 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour visit so we can spend quality time with the pets and get them out of their cages for exercise and playtime. These visits can be once or twice a day depending on the pets normal routines.

Caged pet care

$15.00 per visit (15-20 minutes)

*Holiday surcharges of $5.00 per visit and $10.00 per overnight stay will apply during peak holiday times surrounding New Year’s, “Spring Break”, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Surcharge dates are subject to change each year. Dog walking services will incur holiday surcharges on day of holiday only.*

We also offer dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight pet sitting in the Boulder area.