Exercise and your cat – the basics

Cat Play

cat play

Who doesn’t love a fat cat? Seriously. They are big bowls of fluff and jiggle. Everyone loves a fat cat. However, overweight or obese cats can develop health issues and have shortened life spans. Diabetes, joint issues and heart problems are just some of the problems your rotund feline can face.

So if your cat is already on a diet, what now? Let’s talk about exercise. Yes, many cats have to be tricked into it, that is true. As pet sitters we spend most of our feline visits in play mode. But when you are home, they may not be getting focused playtime each day.

Here are some tips and tricks!

  • Cats are by nature big hunters, even domesticated cats. Try a round of engaged play where cats can hunt, chase and catch. Think outside the box. Try incorporating different heights, over and around furniture and under tissue paper. Feather toys like “Da Bird” are wonderful at engaging their hunting instinct.
  • Play hide and seek! A few treats a day, you don’t want to overload them. Hide the treats and make a game of it! Maybe under the bed, on the arm of a chair. Make them work for it!
  • “Busy” toys are not just for dogs! You can put their food or treats in a toy and they figure out how to knock it over and get it out. I love the “Egg Cersizer“!
  • Got a flight of stairs in your house? Use them to your advantage! Put the cats food on one level and the litter box or cat tree on another level.
  • Speaking of cat trees – do you have one? Cats love different heights, so the cat tree serves the purpose of getting them to jump and climb as well as a place to scratch.
  • Experience the great outdoors (safely!). Now this is hit or miss, but some cats will enjoy a harness and leash and to explore outdoors. A harness is crucial as many cat collars are breakaway. We have even walked cats as part of our jobs! 
Pico de Gato wants his dinner right meow!

Pico de Gato wants his dinner right meow!

Do you have a fun game for your feline? Share it in the comments!