Continuing Education

  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR – 12/11/2006
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss – 01/22/2007 – taught by Dr. Bill Barry and Carol Rosenfield, CVT, NA, Alameda East Veterinary Hospital
  • Analyzing and Modifying Canine Aggressive Behavior – 09/15/2007-09/16/2007 – taught by Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Nancy Williams, M..A., RVT, Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist 
  • Fighting Felines – 07/08/2008-07/10/2008 – taught by Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Dr. Daniel Estep, CAABs
  • Dog Bite Prevention & Safe Handling Techniques Seminar – 05/17/09 – taught by Ana Melara and Lori Asbury
  • Pet Sitters International Regional Meeting – 05/18/09 – covering topics on Customer Service, Going Green and Handling Pet Emergencies
  • Pet Sitters International Accreditation program completion – 10/27/09 – covering topics in Pet Care, Health and Nutrition, Additional Services and Business and Office Procedures
  • Disaster Animal Response Training – 11/13/09-11/15/09 – taught by The Humane Society of the United States
  • Pet Sitters International Quest for Excellence – 02/03/10-02/06/10 – covering topics on Pet Tech PetSaver Training, Marketing, Animal Acupressure, Self-Defense for Pet Sitters, Life Lessons from Pets, Handling Pet Emergencies, Bird Care, Holistic Pet Care, and Pet Sitting in Veterinary Hospice Care
  • Use of a Standardized Credentialing Program for Management of an Animal Emergency Response and Recovery, 07/24/12-07/25/12, a FEMA training program
  • Pet Sitters International Quest for Excellence – 09/12/12-09/14/12 – covering topics on Avian Care, Healthy Food for Dogs and Cats, Training and Behavior in Dogs, Staff Expansion, Social PETworking, and Ageless Advice for Senior Pets
  • Pet Tech Instructor Training – 09/15/12-09/17/12, taught by Thom Somes, the Pet Safety Guy
  • Pet Sitters International World Conference 09/12/14-09/15/14 – covering topics on The Ins and Outs of Day to Day Pet Sitting, Disease Transmission Prevention, Online Marketing, Signs of Illness in Exotic Pets, Geriatric Pet Care, Understanding and Dealing with Aggressive Dogs, Teaching and Training Foraging for Birds and other Pets, Litter box Problems and Destructive Scratching, End of Life Options for Pets, Pet Detectives, and Senior Pet Care.
  • Pet Sitters International World Conference 09/11/15-09/14/15 – covering topics on Taking Time Out to be the best You, Tech in Pet Sitting, The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Pet Sitting Website, Healthy Pet Sitting Business Basics, Your Outta Control Canine Clients, Pet Disaster Preparedness, Keeping Your Dogs Safe and Health Problems Masked as Behavior Problems
  • Pet Sitters International World Conference 09/12/16-09/15/16 – covering topics on Is It Your Fault Pet Owners Can’t Find Your Business Online?, How Pet Sitters can Help Scaredy Cats and Fearful Fidos, Facebook Advertising, How to Prepare Your Pet Business for Sale, Take a Bite Out of the Competition by Getting to the Root of Pet Dental, Smart Financial Moves for Your Pet Sitting Business and Holistic Pet Care.
  • Pet Emergency Education Instructor Training – 02/2017. Certified Pet Emergency Education Instructor.